Based between the South Downs & the South Coast in West Sussex I run location & classroom based photography workshops for small groups of photographers. I also run workshops at the Royal Academy of Arts, London & West Dean College nr Chichester. The workshops are run throughout the year covering all aspects of the medium and suiting all skill levels & camera type

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Plenty more workshops to come throughout the year including new photo techniques, new locations and much more…. Please note that we may travel as a group by car to some of the locations so a lift will usually be available on the day if required.

All workshops are suitable for all abilities unless otherwise specified.

For more details or to book a place on any of the workshops please contact me via email: info@rjmphotography.com


Saturday 6th April 2019 1pm - 4pm £40

Location: Littlehampton

Explore in depth the multiple uses of using intentional motion blur in your images. From people to landscape/seascape the workshop will cover a variety of subjects. By varying our shutter speed we are able to control the degree of blur required to create specific effects & looks, adding another dimension to the final image. The workshop will cover all technical aspects including choice of speed, choice of subject, camera and subject movement, the importance of colour and contrast and much more.

NB: ND filter/s and a tripod will be required for this workshop - please enquire if you need advice on ND filters.

Suitable for all abilities - however a basic knowledge of shutter speeds would be useful but not essential.


Saturday 13th April 2019 10am - 1pm £40

Location: Brighton

Discover the potential of the abstract image in the urban environment. The urban environment offers endless opportunities to capture impressions of a place using textures, reflections and shadows as our palette. Through the use of colour, composition, light, lens choice and more the workshop will explore in depth the ideas and techniques behind creative abstract imagery.

Suitable for all abilities.


Saturday 20th April 2019 10am - 1pm £40

Location: Brighton

The genre of street photography can be broadly split into the classic idea of natural images of people, often taken without the subject being aware, to street portraiture where the subject is asked if their photo may be taken. This workshop will focus solely on street portraiture. Often photographers feel a degree reluctance to photograph strangers due to invasion of privacy as permission has not be asked, however the street portrait approach requires the photographer to ask permission. Once someone has agreed to be photographed you then have time to control your image and also enter into conversation adding a potentially interesting narrative. All techniques and ideas will be demonstrated on the day. A great workshop for experimenting with this genre, especially for those that have tried street photography in the past.

Suitable for all abilities.

For more details or to book a place on any of the workshops please contact me via email: info@rjmphotography.com


A new addition to the regular workshops are ongoing short notice landscape workshops (usually 24/48 hours).

Capturing landscape images with subject interest, great light and that wow factor involves a degree of planning. Finding locations, choosing weather conditions, choosing the best time of day, checking sunrise/sunset times, moon positions and tide times are all factors essential for being in the right place at the right time. I constantly monitor all of the above factors for my own work in order to increase my chances of getting the best images. Based on these factors there a optimum times for shooting all locations. The workshops will be anything from one to three hours in duration and will be priced accordingly. All locations will be local to the Worthing/Littlehampton area. Notification of the workshops will be emailed when available.

  • Receive last minute landscape email or text notification

  • Shoot with the best conditions

  • Discover new locations

  • Discover new techniques

  • Advice & tips on the day

Images from past workshops can be viewed on the workshops Flickr site here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/rjmphotoworkshops/

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